Welcome Back

It’s like Deja Vu all over again! It’s take 2 of return to hockey. Hopefully this time it’s a permanent return. We are back working with Aberdeen Sports Village and starting out with youth hockey sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Places are limited as we continue to work within Sport Scotland and Scottish Hockey guidelines. Look out for the invitation emails from Sandy in your inbox.

In case anyone is unaware the current status is that we can have contact training for under-12’s, and non-contanct training for 12 and over, with the further complication of differing numbers allowed to participate for youths and adults, hence the limitation to youths only at this point.

To make a session you will receive an invite to the session we can fit you in. If you wish to come along you must respond and let us know. Anyone who turns up without such notice cannot be let in. Once you have advised us ytou are coming you will receive confirmation.

Hopefully things will ease shortly and we will get more time slots from ASV but these are the processes we are following to get back playing and we hope you understand.