Almost There

Josh Showing you do not Need to hit the ball ???

Well after a few weeks and an adiitional local lockdown where are we on our return to hockey.

We are now able to have contact training for all ages which makes training a bit more competitive, do not lose the technical stuff though !

All age groups can now include games and tackling in training so gradually we are returning to a form of normal. All sessions are still taking place at Aberdeen Sports Village. The Tuesday morning session has now been dropped so the only morning session is Friday 7-8am.

Adult sessions are 6.30-8pm on a Tuesday and 7-8pm on a Wednesday.

Youth Sessions are 6-8pm on a Thursday.

The club wishes to thank you all for your understanding over this time and for your compliance to the “special” training protocols. We hope to have an inter club game or two for you all to focus on in preparation for a hopeful return to competition by October. Keep up the good work.