Isolation not Us

Over recent weeks we have all had to live our lives a little differently waitng to be given the go ahead to get back to the sport we love, the friends we play and train with, and the outdoors. It is however not without note that some changes have been made such as home learning that have helped us all think “out of the box”.

Your club has not been sitting by idly waiting for things to happen we have been getting down to working for others and planning our return.

Over this period we have seen the club run “Zoom” quizzes, issue some guidance for home skillwork and strength and conditioning. We also of course cycled, walked and ran to Tokyo ( see elsewhere). We are also running a justgiving page to help in raising funds for the NHS. Your management committee has ran it’s first zoom meeting. Also it will not have escaped your notice that we have also ugraded the club’s website and the members database. We now are able to accept payments via Stripe and Direct Debit and we now will have a system that enables easier renewals.

So we may not all be together right now but isolation certainly not. We are in the process of working out how the new training process will be and we can assure you when you come back it will be planned and safe for all.