Leopards Spot an Opportunity

The final indoor games of the season take place for the youth group this weekend. The U15 GCW girls, known as the Granite City Leopards, will travel to Perth for the QAPM-HPC invitational  youth indoor tournament. This is the first time this tournament has taken place and the aim is to enhance the indoor game with the younger age groups.

The travelling squad (or “spot” if you know your leaopard venacular) will be slightly different from that which finished 5th in the Scottish U15s last month. Travelling with the squad (along with some excited parents) will be Esther Walterson, Sandy Keith and Roddy McFarlane. The squad is listed below.

It has been a good indoor season for GCW youngsters with some 35 players in all age groups playing in National competitions.

The team will be jointly captained by Ava Black and Hannah Love. The full squad is as follows :

Ava Black, Hannah Love, Anna Goodbrand, Olivia Fraser, Alex Walterson, Georgia Leslie, Chloe Leslie, Isla MacFadyen, Penny Carter, Lexie Lamont, Ayah Bowler

The girls will play 3 group games commencing at 9.25am followed by a crossover match. The weary travellers and excited players will return home on Sunday evening.